LickiMat Wobble


Authentic LickiMat® Boredom Buster for Dogs. Perfect for Pet Treats, Yoghurt, Peanut Butter, Spreads, Raw Food, Liquid Food, Pet Food. The magic of LickiMat Wobble is that it challenges your dog to lick the treat and food in order to be rewarded. This slows the process dramatically and prolongs their enjoyment with less calories. The "wobbling" action promotes extra FUN!

Key Features: 
- Reduces Anxiety, Boredom and Destructive Behaviour
- Challenge-Reward Fun
- Recommended for Dogs of all sizes
- Promotes Licking
- Serve Healthy Treats
- Slower feeding and healthier feeding
- Alternative to feeding bowl
- Made from non-toxic food grade TPR
- Freezer safe
- Microwave friendly
- Dishwasher Safe

 Size:  17 x 17 cm

**For extra fun pet interaction, you can freeze different liquids in stages to provide a very long lasting treat **