Walkie Belt - Black


The original and still the best dog walking belt on the market.

The DOOG Walkie Belt is designed to free up your hands while you walk the dog. Wear it on your hips for your daily exercise around the neighbourhood or an outing to the dog park. You will always have pick up bags on hand with the handy pick up bag pocket and can even attach a small to medium sized dog for a hands free walk.

Features include:
- 2 strong carabineers (one on each side) to attach a dog (up to 13kg)
- Large front pocket to fit the larger sized phones (pocket size is 16cm x 9cm) 
- Second compartment at back for treats
- 20 degradable pick up bags in right side pockets, that come in a handy tissue pack allowing for next bag to be dispensed easily
- Velcro tennis ball holder
- Third pocket for card/money/keys